Amy’s Ice

Cool down with a blast of flavor with our smooth frozen Italian ice. Welcome to Amy’s ice a unit of easy fritters. Try our fresh made Cherry, Mango or Watermelon ice or opt for real fruit with our Blackberry, Lemon, Strawberry or Strawberry-Lemonade ice which are made with real Fruit. This is Amy’s recipes not some shipped in product from far away. Buy 5 get 1 free excludes sorbet ice. Just add your 6 flavors to the cart and we will credit you in-person. Free delivery with $50 prepaid order or more. At a job-site? Order & prepay any order over $20 at Work and we will deliver to Your Worksite.

Our Strawberry Sorbet starts with sweet strawberries. Then we infuse it with the right amount of cooking alcohol. The result is an incredibly tasting treat for our customers over the age of 21! Our frozen ice is not a drink but an infused food so no permit is required think “rum cake”! Maybe you prefer ice cream than you should try our fresh 4 ingredient ice cream where one flavor a week rules them all. Call ahead or meet us around town as we are moving around during the summer months.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for supporting Amy’s Ice, we appreciate your business. Cash or Card by Amy’s doughnuts.